Andrea Jackson

Software Engineer

A little bit about myself

I am a software engineer! When I was tasked with setting up the website for my first company, I became intrigued in software development. Ever since then I’ve been hooked, wanting to gain more knowledge and learn new skills. I currently develop websites using JavaScript, React / Redux, Express, Python, Flask, and can utilize many other frameworks.

I went to undergrad and grad school at The University of Texas at Arlington. I recieved my Bachelor's Degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish in 2008. I went on to further my knowledge and recieved a Master's of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business in 2010.

In 2011 I founded and ran my first company, Demerara, a men's and women's boutique in Dallas, Texas. Soon after, I started designing and producing apparel. Later on that led to opening a maufacturing facility, where we not only cut and sewed apparel, but we also did direct to garment printing as well.

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My skills

  • JavaScript
  • React / Redux
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Flask
  • HTML

Along with the above, my skills also include CSS, Pug, Jinja, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, SQLAlchemy, Express, Express-Validator, Node.js, TDD, WTForms, Docker, Git, Github, AWS, Debugging, QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, Spanish (limited working proficiency), Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Lightspeed POS, and Shopify.


Some of the most recent projects I have worked on include:

Open Exotics

I developed this full-stack application by myself. It allows the user to set up a meeting with a sales associate at the exotic car dealership of their choice. I set up the frontend using JavaScript and React. For the backend I used Python and Flask, along with SQLAlchemy for my database. For the login/signup, I used WTForms validators to validate logged in users. Overall I styled the app for a streamlined user interface using raw CSS.


I worked with an awesome team for this project. Whatsforlunch is an Instagram clone, but for food only. The frontend was build using JavaScript & React / Redux and the backend was built using Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy. I implemented the user authentication and validators in the backend using FlaskForm, rendering errors when data is required. I Assisted in setting up the Flask / SQLAlchemy database to add users, posts, and comments. I also designed the logo using Adobe Photoshop and incorporated it to the app’s different pages using raw CSS to format


This was my first team project! This app is a GoodReads clone with a Netflix style. We used JavaScript and Pug for the frontend and Express for the backend. My main contribution to this project was to set up the user authentication with custom validators. I implemented backend user authentication using express-validators, showing custom errors for each input when not entered appropriately. I also created a custom logo with Adobe Photoshop and used CSS to style and incorporate it into the navigation bar.


This was my first solo project. The frontend was built using React / Redux and the backend was built using Express. I based this project off of one of my favorite e-commerce sites for women's fashion,

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